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    “I Like Homework Club Because…”

    Be Smart Club  is in full swing this spring semester, and kids are learning a lot! Be Smart Club offers one to one tutoring, but it also offers a homework help club! Check out these comments from homework club… Read More

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    Soccer Club at Adams CASP

    Last week, Adams CASP started a fun new activity at it’s programs: Soccer Club! Hunter, the site director, invited some friends, who are also soccer players, to visit the Adams CASP program each Tuesday and Friday to teach… Read More

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    Girls on The Run Spring 2015

    Girls On The Run is in full swing at nine of the CASP programs!  Girls on the Run was started in North Carolina in 1996 and is now a nation-wide non-profit organization. Girls on the Run is open… Read More

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    Tennis Ball Challenge at Jackson CASP

    Jackson CASP staff gave their students a fun challenge! Students were divided into groups and given a bag of supplies. The assignment was to use the supplies to support a tennis ball at least 10 cm. off the… Read More

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    Nutritious Snacks for CASP Kiddos are a Hit!

    CASP prioritizes serving healthy and nutritious food at it’s programs, and the Be Fit Club is a big part of making this happen. Be Fit Club plans nutrition lessons and healthy snack projects for the 9 programs where… Read More

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    Red, White and Blue Fun at Adams CASP

    Staff at CASP programs are always planning fun and educational activities for their programs! Adams CASP celebrated President’s Day by making a patriotic snack into a science experiment. Students made their own Red, White and Blue drinks with… Read More

About Us

Mission Statement:
To provide a safe and enriching environment for children after school while their parents are at work.

Vision Statement:
That every child in our community has affordable access to a safe, nurturing and enriching experience after school each day.

Childcare Philosophy:
To provide programs that are child-oriented with behavior policies that provide for a safe, enriching, and fun environment for all children.


Agency Biography

Board of Directors

CASP Administrative Staff

Jami Dorrough

Staff Spotlight!

Jami has worked for CASP for one year and is the site director at Washington CASP. Jami is studying Social Work at OU and says that in the future she would like to work as a counselor. Jami… Read More

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Audrey Bell

Volunteer Spotlight

Audrey has volunteered with CASP for about a year and a half and  is a Be Smart Homework Club volunteer at Roosevelt Elementary. Audrey attends OU and is studying advertising with a minor in Spanish. In the future,… Read More

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Adam Wagner

Volunteer Spotlight

 Adam Wagner was the Signature Event Chair for the Spooky Sprint 5K and Carnival hosted by ATO this November. Adam is a Psychology Pre-Med Senior and plans to go to medical school after graduating in May of 2016.He… Read More

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