About Us

Mission Statement:
To provide a safe and enriching environment for children after school while their parents are at work.

Vision Statement:
That every child in our community has affordable access to a safe, nurturing and enriching experience after school each day.

Childcare Philosophy:
To provide programs that are child-oriented with behavior policies that provide for a safe, enriching, and fun environment for all children.


Agency Biography

Board of Directors

CASP Administrative Staff


Staff Spotlight

Adrianne has worked for CASP for almost a year and is the site director at Truman Primary. Adrianne says that her favorite activity with the kids is doing science projects because she loves watching them learn something new… Read More

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Grebinkov, Sarah

Volunteer Spotlight

Sarah is a volunteer at McKinley CASP and is in her third year of volunteering as a tutor with CASP. Sarah started volunteering her freshman year at OU. She is still studying at OU and hopes to go… Read More

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Dinh, Linda

Volunteer Spotlight

Linda is volunteering as a dance teacher at Adams. This is her third year of volunteering for CASP, after previously┬ávolunteering at Jefferson for two years. Linda currently serves as the Service Chair of Sooner Dance Company and brings… Read More

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