About Us

Mission Statement:
To provide a safe and enriching environment for children after school while their parents are at work.

Vision Statement:
That every child in our community has affordable access to a safe, nurturing and enriching experience after school each day.

Childcare Philosophy:
To provide programs that are child-oriented with behavior policies that provide for a safe, enriching, and fun environment for all children.


Agency Biography

Board of Directors

CASP Administrative Staff

Nat - Copy

AmeriCorps Spotlight!

Natalia got her start at CASP in Spring 2012 as a volunteer tutor in the Be Smart Club. Natalia showed so much passion and enthusiasm for the CASP kids and the mission of the Be Smart Club, that… Read More

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Katrina Wilson - Copy

Staff Spotlight!

Katrina started working for CASP in the Fall 2014 as a Be Smart Homework Club team leader at Lakeview CASP and later transitioned to the Site Director at Jackson CASP. This summer, Katrina is working as the team… Read More

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Audrey Bell

Volunteer Spotlight

Audrey has volunteered with CASP for about a year and a half and ┬áis a Be Smart Homework Club volunteer at Roosevelt Elementary. Audrey attends OU and is studying advertising with a minor in Spanish. In the future,… Read More

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